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About CPAGold™

Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

Founded in 1994, CPAGold™ is the brand name of The Professional Advisers’ Purchasing Group, Inc.
This risk purchasing group was formed under the Federal Risk Retention Act of 1986, whose sole purpose is to secure the best quality coverage at the most competitive pricing, on behalf of our members. 
CPAGold™ is managed by the programs division of Worldwide Facilities, LLC, a specialist professional liability insurance managing general underwriter.A ccess to CPAGold™ is gained via a network of experienced partner-producers many of whom have supported the program since foundation.
The partner-insurer for CPAGold™ is QBE Insurance Corporation, a member of QBE.  CPAGold™ provides a variety of additional services and education.

Facts and Figures

CPAGold™ has a broad appetite for risk. However, the basic program parameters specifically focus upon firms of up to 50 CPAs, and our average size member firm is seven professionals. We do like to write larger, sophisticated and very well managed regional accounting firms and enjoy long-standing relationships with a number of these quality practices where we offer additional resources through our partner-producers.

To underwrite any potential member, we need:

  • CPAGold™ application and supplements (we will offer terms from a competitor’s full application if it contains the basic underwriting data, including a list of billable staff with dates of hire).
  • A loss run for the past five years (this is not required if the potential member has no claims)
  • A copy of the current declarations page and any special endorsements (so we may offer matching coverage).
  • Details of any loss control courses completed.

To bind coverage we require:

  • A signed and executed formal quotation.
  • A signed and dated CPAGold™ Full application or Bridge application.
  • Written confirmation that any subjectivities have been completed.
  • Payment within the terms of trade negotiated with the agent.

Upon receipt of payment and the documents required will we issue a temporary binding confirmation, and shortly thereafter, a formal policy.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR POLICY CAREFULLY to ensure it agrees with your understanding of the coverage you requested.

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